Cubierta MAXXIS Shorty

69,00 55,20 IVA Incluido

Our pro athletes needed a mid-spike tire that could handle dry, loose, blown-out corners as well as a bit of mud. The Shorty is that tire. A high-volume casing makes the Shorty a more versatile option than a dedicated mud spike like our Wet Scream. Large, tall and slightly staggered side knobs penetrate loose soil to provide predictable, stable cornering at warp speeds. The Shorty is available in trail, enduro, and downhill specs.

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A versatile mid-spike for deep loam or loose powder

  • 3C MaxxTerra, 3C MaxxGrip, and Super Tacky available on select models
  • High-volume casing
  • Mid-spike tread design
  • Single-ply, DoubleDown, and DH casings available
  • Wide trail (WT) casing specs are optimized for 30-35mm inner width rims

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27.5×2.30 58-584 Plegable 3C/EXO/TR, 27.5×2.50 WT 63-584 Plegable 3C/EXO/TR, 29×2.50 WT 63-622 Plegable 3C/EXO/TR